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4 – 27 March 2022 
Unified Peaks

‘Unified Peaks’ is a representation of the New Zealand construction industry involving designers, engineers, project management, and suppliers, seeking to use this sculpture as a platform for discussion around the future of sustainable practice.

The Avant-Garde nature of the sculpture captures the calm and violent behaviour of the moana surrounding Waiheke Island, with its distinctive materiality and form expressing a combination of smooth turns and aggressive points. The lightweight structure comprises of materials found on the fringe of construction sites, utilising up-cycled scaffolding poles to shape the rigid framing and weaved plastic strapping to create perforated screens for shading.

SOTG_PEAKS_render 3.jpg
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This union of art and architecture creates an opportunity for innovative thinking, free from the typical institutionalised limitations of an architectural project. The practical form of the sculpture behaves as a shelter, returning to the fundamental purpose of architecture while communicating an important philosophy and artistic expression.

The idea of neglected materials brought together to create a work of art symbolises how up-cycled construction waste can be used innovatively and inspire a circular approach to materials. This raises the question: ‘To what extent should a project consider the potential of up-cycled materials, and could this be standard practice in the future?’

100% of the sculptures proceeds will develop an architectural tool essential for carbon calculating projects to encourage climate-conscious design within New Zealand.

Designer: FNC Designs

Engineer: ProConsult

Project Management: Vertus Construction

Project Team: Francisco Carbajal, Aingaran Manokaran, Benjamin Howard, Mitzi O'Brien, Grayson Croucher, Clare Na, Hye Ryun Lee


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FNC designs

Waiheke Island – Auckland

New Zealand


ph: +64 21 261 0508

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