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Fine Laser Cutting Services is an all-inclusive solution to sheet metal manufacturing. They provide design, cutting, folding, welding and other services to customers throughout New Zealand. 


Fine Laser contributed to Unified Peaks by quickly and accurately manufacturing the tubing required for the construction of their architectural sculpture. 

Due to the complexity of the cuts in the sculpture's joints, laser tube cutting was the only viable solution to both meet the timeframe and material wastage constraints. 

How well do you think the current manufacturing/fabricating industries are implementing sustainable practice, and do you think they are doing enough? 

Often the manufacturing industry gets a bad review for the environmental effects. The process of creating a new product is often full of waste, however with good management, recycling practices and choosing of clean energy sources these wastes can be minimised.

Do you think the industry's current path will be able to reduce its impact enough to meet the Paris Agreement? 

I think it is both economically and environmentally wise for business to try their best to reduce waste and environmental impacts, as such i am sure most businesses in the industry put a lot of time and effort into these things.

How do think it can be improved?

The team at Fine Laser always does its best to reduce environmental impacts by recycling wasted material and choosing to support clean energy sources. 

What is your view on the importance of sustainable practice over the past few years?

Sustainable practice is not only good for the environment but it is good for business. By constantly reassessing our processes at Fine Laser we have reduced the scrap metal wastage significantly, thereby reducing the overhead material costs of running the business.  

Utopian ideas: In an ideal world what would your industry look like to you ?

In Utopia the business would waste nothing, cost nothing to run, and have infinite growth. However, these are all unrealistic perspectives and at Fine Laser we prefer to be practical and do our best with the situations we are given. 

Project Team: Francisco Carbajal, Aingaran Manokaran, Benjamin Howard, Mitzi O'Brien, Grayson Croucher, Clare Na, Hye Ryun Lee


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FNC designs

Waiheke Island – Auckland

New Zealand


ph: +64 21 261 0508

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