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What we Love about architecture is its ability to shape a community and influence the way we live. It has the potential to improve our lives by making us feel secure and comfortable in spaces designed to be functional and beautiful.

We are passionate about architecture and believe in good communication and collaboration to create your dream project.

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FNC Designs
Environmental Impact

With the increasing concerns of climate change and New Zealand’s ongoing obligations to the Paris Agreement, there has been a growing focus on the environmental impact of the construction industry. We are proud of our industry-leading research and architectural practice. Our pragmatic awareness allows us to design consciously and explore multiple levels of design solutions with carbon offsetting.

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About Us

We are a young Waiheke Island / Auckland-based architectural firm leading climate-conscious architectural practice and pride ourselves in providing a friendly and transparent architectural service. We are passionate about architecture and believe good communication and collaboration are crucial ingredients to a special project.

Francisco Carbajal is head of FNC Designs and has worked on award winning high-end luxury accommodation, to low budget housing.​ Francisco also teaches architectural and environmental design at the University of Auckland and has been highly commended for his research on sustainable practice within the industry.

About us

Our Services

 We offer a wide range of architectural services around New Zealand with extensive experience and knowledge in residential and commercial architecture.


We are a design-focused team that offers architectural services inclusive for: 

  • New built residential homes.

  • Alterations and additions to an existing home.

  • Multi-unit development apartments including duplexes and terraced dwellings.

  • Relocatable dwelling.

  • Assistance with unconsented work or property issues with Council.

  • Homestar Assessment

FNC Designs values sustainable architecture that works to the client’s needs, without sacrificing budget and aesthetics.

We're competitively priced and believe our service should be able to reach anyone. Discuss your project with our friendly staff and see if we can turn your dreams into a reality.

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How Can We Help You?

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FNC designs

Waiheke Island – Auckland

51 New North Road, Eden Terrace 

Auckland 1021

New Zealand


ph: +64 21 261 0508

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